Try it out!

Imagine you own a small digital agency. You are approached by an online cosmetic retailer, who launched its business one year ago.

The retailer has been doing very well at attracting new customers to their website however, from the little data they have (they record sales on spreadsheets), they don’t seem to be getting many repeat customers.

The retailer doesn’t make any contact with the customers after the sale, however some customers have emailed to say they are very happy with the products.

In their sales log spreadsheet they gather the following information:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Home address
  • Date ordered
  • Product ordered
  • Quantity ordered
  • Product value

Task 1

Note down any questions you would like to ask the retailer to further understand their challenge.

Task 2

Consider the scenarios below and answer as many as you like, depending on your career interests!

You could also work as a team with some of your classmates, each choosing a different role and then proposing your ideas to the group.

  1. You're the graphics designer. Sketch a graphic to be used on the retailer's social media accounts.
  2. You're the marketeer. Can you think of any ways they could make their sales and marketing process to encourage repeat purchases?
  3. You're the project manager. Consider what you'll need to know from the customer and your staff at each stage in the process.
  4. You're the software engineer. What software/technical solution would you propose to build for them to support their communications with customers and to encourage repeat purchases?