Child-Friendly Privacy Notice


This page is our Privacy Notice. A Privacy Notice tells you how we use your personal data, so you know what happens with it when people give it to us. Sometimes there are links to other pages – you might want to ask an adult to help with these because it can be confusing!

Who are we?

We are Chalk Eastbourne, and we are helping to grow a network of digital businesses in the town, as well as supporting those wanting to start a career in the digital industry.

What is personal data?

Anything that can identify you is your personal data. This could be your name or a photo of you, but it is also things like your e-mail address.

The personal data we collect from you when you sign up to Chalk includes:

  • Your full name
  • Your email address
  • Some technical data which tells us how you are using the Chalk website and what device you are using to access the website

There is also something called Special Category personal data which includes information that is more sensitive and organisations have to take more care over. This includes information on any illnesses you have or your ethnicity. Chalk Eastbourne does not collect any of this kind of data from our users.

For more information, you can visit our Privacy Notice for Adults.

Where do you get my personal data from?

Basically, we get it from you! When you fill out the sign-up form to access the newsletter, you will input some personal data including your name and email address. If you are under 13 then your parent or carer has to give it to us on your behalf and so we also have to ask how old you are.

We give your Parent or carer information on how we keep your data safe in our adult ‘Privacy Notice’ – it is a bit longer than this one! They can ask to see any of that information, any time.

Why do you need my personal data?

The main reason we need to use your personal data is so that we can provide you with the right information you are interested in. If we don’t have your personal data it will mean we won’t be able to send you our newsletter, for example.

We could also use it because of an event you have taken part in, or a competition that we have organised to make sure if you win you get your prize.

Can you use my personal data for anything you like?

Just because we have your personal data, it doesn’t mean we can do what we want with it. We have to follow some rules, which are on our Privacy Notice for Adults.

It is important that we only use your data for our main purpose of building and supporting a digital community in Eastbourne.

Sometimes we may have to ask you if we can use it, and if you say no, then we can’t.

Can anyone else see my personal data?

Sometimes in order to do our work we have to share your personal data, or other people might share it with us. We’re very careful about how we do this – there are even more rules!

We might need to share your data with your school, for example.

There are times we might need to ask for help doing our work, and someone else will use your data for us. This could mean your personal data might go around the world, but don’t worry – we’ll make sure it’s safe!

Do you keep my personal data forever?

We only keep your personal data for as long as we need to and for as long as you would consider reasonable.

There are times we have to follow rules about how long we can keep your personal data, and we have a special policy that tells you how long we keep it - if you want to see this please message our Data Privacy Manager (see below).

Do I have a say in what happens to my personal data?

Yes you do! You have what we call “rights” when we use your data. One of these is the right to know what we do with it – that’s what this page is for.

You can ask us to tell you what personal data we have about you, or ask us to stop using it or delete it. If your personal data is wrong, you can tell us and we will fix it. You can contact our Data Privacy Manager for any of these purposes (see below).

There is also more information about your rights on our Privacy Notice for Adults.

Who makes sure you follow all the rules?

We have someone called a Data Privacy Manager, and their job is to protect your data. This means they make sure we are following all the rules, and your data is safe.

Because of how important it is to keep your data safe, and to follow all the rules, you can email or write a letter to our Data Privacy Manager if you are worried about what we do:

Data Privacy Manager
Chalk Eastbourne
24 Broad Road
BN20 9QU

Or you can find more information about Personal Data protection here: